Cesar Merveille is a “melancholy vagabond”

The catalog (CAD 63) of Cadenza Records, was in charge of the French Cesar Merveille. He has managed the piece perfectly, making a beautiful, delicate and simplistic record, deserving of the label of the Chilean-Swiss Luciano.

Maay Ancholi” is the name that Merveille gave to the track that comes with a featuring of the Argentinean Guti. A brilliant piano solo that injects a melancholy wave (honoring the name of the track) with a perfect combination of percussive drums in a stripped back and raw composition.

In his last releases, he also decided to counted their stories with collaborations from his Colombian fellow Pablo Cahn-Speyer with the “Tribute EP” or with Shaun Reeves, with whom he made “Su Sexo“. The “Vagabundo” again decided to take a snap on his works. In this case, “Maay Ancholi” also features the remix of the Cadenza head and senior “Vagabundo”, Luciano. The remix is a classical 16-minute interpretation which he usually does. The remix is a long arrangement that fits perfectly for the dance floor at “Pachá”, place of the Cadenza Vagabundo’s residency for the forthcoming summer season in Ibiza.


  1. Cesar Merveille – Maay Ancholi Feat Guti
  2. Cesar Merveille – Maay Ancholi Feat Guti (Luciano remix)


La Gazzetta Electronique gives 4.3/5.


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