Featuring Simon Garcia ‟Found in Translation EP″ for Quartz Rec

Simon Garcia makes his debut in the imprint of the French Paul Ritch (Quartz Rec). With an EP of three cuts, the Spanish consolidates his sound after taking participation in several labels, such as Supplement Facts, Paradigma Musik or Dieb Audio.

Despite the release is not out yet, it has been charted by big and influential artists. Loco Dice, Gregor Trsesher, Funk D’Void, Mauro Picotto, Tobi Neumann, Danny Howells, Dubfire and D’Julz, have been acknowledged  the massive virtues of this release…

Tobi Neumann: ‟Drive Thru i like.. tells me a story of the 90ties house ala global communication”. The time when i started to get into the music. Well produced, sunny and with a good built up in the tracks. Well done! 
Gregor Tresher: ‟Killer tracks, all three of ‘em!! Really like the arrangements here and how they build up. Massive! “
Funk D’Void: ‟Very good tracks here!!”
Danny Howells: ‟Always love Simon’s stuff and this sounds ace as always. Support!” 
Loco Dice: ‟Nice grooves on these, especially Drive Thru”.


  1. Simon Garcia – Drive Thru
  2. Simon Garcia – Chordus
  3. Simon Garcia – Found in Translation


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