Desolat signs a newcomer

A new man has arrived to the Desolat rows. Alli Borém is the new addition to Loco Dice & Martin Buttrich imprint, who recently decided to sign him for the label. It’s a new bet, because it’s Alli’s debut in the scene, even though he has the support of big artists such as the futurístic and pioneer Richie Hawtin.

“With the toughness of Detroit House and the weirdness of Chicago Acid,
Scotch absolutely destroys all the dancefloors!”. That’s how Richard Hawtin described the sound of Ali Borém.

Because we have few registers, it’s difficult for us to give more extensive analysis about the release, but no doubt, with the passage of time, this newcomer will show us his apparent skills. In the meantime, it worths mentioning a dream debut on the scene, in a label that is enjoying a huge hype, wich can support it with musical arguments at any time.

‟Allì Borèm jumps headfirst into digital-age hedonism, with these two reduced, swinging cuts that have all the abandon and humour of a late night lock-in. This gentleman hails from Rome, where he cut his teeth in recording studios across the city and as a DJ has been responsible for plenty of discoteca mischief. Expect these two playful, bleepy, bouncing tracks to give you much joy on the dancefloor.”. That was the brief review that the Desolat staff gave to this protruding release; for now you judge…


  1. Alli Borém – Scotch your mind
  2. Alli Borem – You know what i want


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