Exchanging words with: Doomwork

La Gazzetta Electronique talked with the Italian duo Doomwork about their beginnings in the scene and his quickly climb in the sector, plus some contemporary issues that affect and impact on the electronic world by this days.

1.How did you meet each other and how were the beginnings of your musical empathy?

Doomwork: Well, we know each other since we were 6th year…at primary school and we started djing and producing around 18th. We had a lot of good ideas about new tracks,the same point of view…so we started this partnership and Doomwork project is born.

2. Which were the first labels who gave you the opportunity to show in the scene? Was it easy at first or someone rejected you?

Doomwork: We think that it’s not easy for anybody…a lot of “locked door”…but with hard work,passion,relationship… something good goes out! :)

We started our firsts productions with Mario Più(an historical italian dj) when our aka was “Alex Catalani and Claudio Maura”,he was our “Godfather” that introduced us to this business and he gave us a lot of suggestions how to approach this world.Our debut as Doomwork we had with Neurotraxx Deluxe,the label of Aki Bergen.With Aki we gave a professional mood to our productions,making a great and hard work together in studio; he taught us to improve our skills in studio and thanks to him we grown as artistically.

3. Currently you also perform together, is a Live, DJ set or a Hybrid?

Doomwork: Is a  djset and since one year also live set.

4.How is the studio where you are working in this digital days?

Doomwork: Our studio setup now is one iMac 24” with Logic pro 9,Motu 896Mk3(Soundcard),Axiom 49(Masterkeyboard),a pair of Krk,one of Yamaha monitors and some selected vst but anyway we’re looking for some analog synth…“the analog is analog” even if now the Vst allow to recreate the “physical” sound as we like to say :) at 99% and it is good for the upcoming producers…the main point is try to not misuse of loops and pre-produced sounds and start the creativeness!

5. How was the entrance to the labels of 2000&one: 100% Pure or Area Remote?

Doomwork: Well…for us was really amazing…we love the dutch movement and we have a big respect for their history. Dylan (2000andOne) loves our kind of music and we can be only honorable of this.


The good music often is “penalized” in favor of who have a “good friend” (Doomwork)


6. From where does Retouch Recordings comes and why?

Doomwork: After some collaboration in the past, we decided to go on one’s own way. We wanted to start a new adventure,trying to make something managed ourselves.Retouch will be our “relief valve” for our stuff and where we’ll show our concept of music with the help of our friends and artists that we like.

7. How is touring and perform alongside big artists like Shinedoe, Satoshi Tomiee or 2000 & one, is it a dream came true?

Doomwork: Yes something like that :D, for sure is great opportunity…in October 2010 Dylan (2000andOne) asked us to do a liveset at Studio80 for his label showcase during ADE in Amsterdam and we accepted of course :). About Satoshi, he wanted our performances for his italian tour called “Edizione”. what to say…we can only learn from this kind of artists and it’s always a great lucky perform with artits that do this job since years…and yes is a dream come true ahahah :)

8. What would be a pain in the ass by this days in the scene? Which critics of the contemporary electronic world do you have?

Doomwork: One hundred pages wouldn’t be enough for to answer :D…We say that “everybody wants to be a dj” so the level of music had a big dip, also thanks to the new technologies and digital distribution and who base the work on the music, the good music often is “penalized” in favor of who have a “good friend”.

9. What has been the greatest joy, so far, provided by the music as a duo?

Doomwork: Surely..share the passion of music with another person…it’s the first thing!

10. What would you say to kids and new artists that want to get rapidly in where you are now?

Doomwork: Try to believe in what you do,hard hard work and enjoy enjoy enjoy!



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