Featuring Mathew Jonson “Learning to fly” for Minus

Seven years after, Mathew Jonson returns to Hawtin‛s home (Minus) since his last release in 2004‛s with Decompression EP; and now, the Coblestone Jazz man, come back with a long and a harmony composition that apparently promises to be one of the tracks in this forthcoming summer.
“Learning to fly is arguably one of the most exciting singular works of Jonson’s career, recalling his first Wagon Repair release: 2005’s Marionette, a record that continues to inspire cultish devotion six years after its release and thoroughly deserves every adjective for ‘hypnotic’ and ‘anthemic’ that’s ever been thrown at it. Learning To Fly retains those qualities whilst taking them yet further – a 12 minute sci-fi exploration that achieves that mark of classic electronic music production, working just as thrillingly for personal listening as it does when experienced as part of Jonson’s transcendent live performances”. Stated the Minus staff.

Barem’s “Blue” return

The last time Mauricio Barembuem pulled out a release with his home label Minus, was in 2008 with his “Kolimar EP”. Three years later, he returns with “Blue”, a record full of a warm vibe and a fresh percussive organic air, but without losing the dark minimalist essence that represents the label of Richie Hawtin.

The release (MINUS109) contains three tracks:

  1. Barem – Blue (vox version)
  2. Barem – Is (Djulz remix)
  3. Barem – After the storm (Mathias Kaden’s rhythm remix)

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